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Welcome to the Winter Season!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Winter Season HCDA Kick off Meeting. Thanks to Jo Appa and staff for the great food and Lelia Rodgers for hosting our meeting. As always, a great time! Koob should be working on the schedules and have them up sometime soon. just keep checking here or the website or I will post a message when they are up.
Have a great season everyone and get out there
and play some great darts! Woo Hoo!!!!

Treasurer is always available to take your fees if you
do not want to use paypal.
Get in touch with Brent Mercer here

Addition to the Sub List!
From: Eva Salas- She is interested in joining or Subbing for a team. Below is her info:
Sure thing I don't mind subing. My e mail is and my
contact number is 832-607-0366
Someone contact her for league play. Good Luck Eva!

Let me know if you would like to be added to this list:

The Paypal site is now up and running so you can conveniently make all your payments to the HCDA
100% of all membership and player fees come back to the members (ie trophies, shirts, etc)

Download all your Match report sheets
and other forms
for this season on our forms page

Check for updated stats and
Schedules on the skydrive link below.

Click link above for Fall Season Stats

We need your help
Positons are Available HCDA Board of Directors?
we would greatly appreciate
anyone stepping up to assist.

Please email HCDA President for Info.


Check your stats here!
Please email your team stat reports to:

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Thanks to for providing web space for this site
and also Rick's Darts & Games for years of supporting the HCDA

Harris County Darts Association

(formerly known as Houston Darts Association)

Promoting Darts in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding Metro Area

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